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commercial luminaires

commercial luminaires

Commercial lighting often requires more attention than home lighting because business facilities are places where people spend more time than at home, and both customers and employees need enough light to be able to perform their tasks and enjoy visiting the facility. Although energy consumption and cost are paramount when budgeting, a commercial facility can still get reasonable lighting and at the same time keep costs to a minimum. This article discusses some of the commercial fixtures used by commercial plants.


Although light bulbs are most commonly used at home, some commercial plants use them for their lighting needs.

Pros: These are preferred because of the light they produce which is almost like natural sunlight and they are also cheap to buy. In all cases,

Disadvantages: they produce a lot of heat, as only 15% of their energy is used as light, while the rest comes out as heat. They are also short-lived and require constant replacement.

Halogen lighting

Halogen lighting is a variant of the light bulb and is becoming very popular in commercial luminaires.

Pros: They consume less energy and produce a whiter light compared to light bulbs. They also produce a pleasant color that resembles natural sunlight.

Disadvantages: Their lifespan is much shorter than the life of the light bulb, and they also cost much more than light bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lighting

These are similar to fluorescent lamps. The only difference is that they are hardened to produce light that resembles a light bulb. These are also called CFLs and are available in different types and sizes to fit the three basic lighting layers.