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Modern chandelier lighting

Modern chandelier lighting

Chandeliers are beautiful light sources. They are considered both luxurious and extravagant. They are large decorative lighting that is hung from the ceiling that can usually carry several light bulbs or candles (mostly in the Middle Ages, even now in some antique chandeliers. They are elegant and can create a wonderful atmosphere for special occasions.


Most of the newly built houses try to reflect a modern lifestyle within the house’s interior and exterior. This is mainly done by making everything white and using colors that contrast with each other. They try to reflect natural light inside the house during the day and create a bright atmosphere with artificial lighting at night. Modern chandelier lighting plays an important role in this. Unlike antique chandeliers, modern chandeliers are often unconventional in their design. They do not follow the traditional bulbs around a circular or any other shape. They are very different but very attractive when placed correctly. An example of a chandelier like this is a structure that hangs from the ceiling and extends frames like branches in a tree and each branch holds lamps that are tubes rather than traditional light bulbs or candles. They can be considered as sculptures rather than a frame that is influenced by unconventional shapes. They also try to take ideas from ancient chandeliers and by improving them, such as using the pulley system used in the Middle Ages in a modern way. It gives a modern antique look that is best for people trying to mix the two together. Modern chandelier lighting looks good in the living room, bedroom, dining room and even kitchen because they are not as big as the other chandeliers. If you use it in the kitchen, try to light the rest of the place as cabinets, workspaces and ceilings with matching color as with the ceiling, together they will create a bright and beautiful kitchen atmosphere.

Largest chandelier

The largest known modern chandelier lighting called “The Reflective Flow” was designed for Al Hitmi’s office in Doha, Qatar by Beau McClellan. It is a giant snake-like structure that extends through the roof during the day and at night it is the largest chandelier powered by over 165,000 multicolored LED lamps and 2300 hand-grown optical crystals. The structure alone is 19 feet high, 41 feet wide and 126 feet long. It also has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest chandelier.