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Lounge garden furniture

Lounge garden furniture

Garden furniture allows a harmonious garden design

Surely you are pleased that lounge garden furniture is as comfortable and beautiful as indoor furniture. Lounge garden furniture will please you with its modern design and thoughtful design. The outdoor furniture has been designed so that you can make the most of every square meter of space in your garden. Lounge garden furniture looks comfortable and consist of different elements. When designing your garden, the seat components can be combined as desired. You can expand or reduce your seating group as needed. Of course, the many components of the new lounge have the same style and look to make your garden shine in a harmonious overall impression. Regardless of which model you choose, with the lounge garden furniture you buy quality that is admired by your visitors. Lounge garden furniture is perfect for designing your patio or balcony. The stylish garden furniture extends the balcony, terrace or garden into an additional living area.

With garden furniture always set the right color accents

As a garden lover, you certainly do not want to put beer benches or outdoor furniture made of ordinary, white plastic in your garden. Harmoniously fit only those garden furniture whose color is matched to the flourishing, green environment. An ideal solution would be if, when selecting the furniture for your garden, balcony and terrace, you would take care to match the existing furniture in the winter, the style and the color component, as well as in the living room or in the garden shed ,

Material and processing of your garden furniture

You can be sure that every model of the different versions of the lounge garden furniture collection offered is made of high quality, robust acacia wood. The woods come exclusively from forests that are managed responsibly and environmentally friendly. With the purchase of lounge garden furniture you make a personal and sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment and the increasingly scarce resources. The mesh for the trendy lounge garden furniture is made of environmentally friendly PE braid. Visually, PE braid reminiscent of rattan. It looks natural, is UV resistant and resistant to extreme temperature changes. The robust aluminum frame of the lounge garden furniture was elaborately coated with a special powder and is completely rustproof.

High-quality seat cushions and cushions offer high seating comfort

Lounge garden furniture was equipped by the renowned manufacturer with particularly comfortable seat cushions and back cushions. The covers of the seat and back cushions are made of water-repellent outdoor materials, such as polyester. Polyester survives a short rainstorm without being damaged and offers you a high level of comfort. Light soiling can be done quickly and easily by wiping with a slightly damp cloth. As it is contaminated with rainwater, fallen leaves and bird droppings, your high quality garden furniture will become less attractive over time. For this reason, it is recommended to cover your furniture when not in use with foil. In principle, you should not leave your lounge garden furniture outside during the winter.

Useful accessories for your lounge garden furniture

To keep your pillows and seat posters protected from moisture in summer and still be on hand whenever you need them, you can store them in a convenient and decorative lounge pillow box. Like the lounge garden furniture, the pillow box has been designed in a classically elegant design. At the timelessly beautiful lounge garden furniture you will enjoy many years. Your visitors, who will welcome you in your garden or on the terrace, will be delighted.