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Garden furniture guide

Garden furniture guide

Many people lay the living room with beautiful wooden garden furniture, with trendy Wickerwork and bright colors to the outside. These include seating, loungers and daybeds. Today’s garden furniture is now just as nice in terms of design as the furniture for the interior. This trend continues thanks to the new materials. Meanwhile, the huge range of garden furniture for the terrace offers complete seating and upholstered landscapes.

Garden furniture wickerwork and upholstery

In particular, the high-quality synthetic fibers ensure the new great living outdoors. Thus, the garden furniture not only look chic and comfortable, but they also offer plenty of seating comfort. The advantage is that the furniture defies the wind and weather. The rain simply pours off and even in strong sunlight, the furniture keeps its shape and color. The garden furniture is also very easy to clean. For cleaning wet wiping or spraying with a garden hose is sufficient. The comfort on the wickerwork ensure the padding suitable for outdoor use, but even today’s documents and cushions for the garden furniture no longer have to be brought in at the slightest rainfall, because they have resistant covers that have weatherproof filling material. Even in terms of design hardly any wishes remain open. Depending on your taste, the upholstery of the garden furniture can be purchased in many different colors and patterns.

Garden furniture wood

The wooden garden furniture is in the outdoor area the classic par excellence. But meanwhile, the wooden furniture can be combined with trendy materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum or synthetic wickerwork. The timeless garden furniture classics made of wood include seating arrangements made of sturdy and noble teak, meranti or mahogany. Many people prefer garden furniture made of local woods, such as oak, larch or spruce. However, care should be taken that the woods were weatherproofed by impregnation, painting or oil. Wooden garden furniture is not suitable for year-round use.

Colored garden furniture

Meanwhile, the furniture may also be colorful again. It can be chosen at will and taste. From natural tones to eye-catching patterns or bright colors, anything is allowed, such as a bright red bench, which fits perfectly in front of a colorful flowerbed. The special outdoor fabrics, plastics and weatherproof paints conjure great color on the terrace, on the balcony and in the garden.

Tips for buying

High quality garden furniture has its price just like the furniture for the indoor area. The purchase should be reasonably planned in advance for this reason. First, the place should be measured, because not everyone has a large garden and certainly you have to pretty household on the terrace or balcony with the place. Often the question arises as to whether a seat with a table is more important or whether one likes to lie in the sun. An alternative in case of lack of space are folding furniture, which can be taken out if necessary. In any case, before buying the existing space should be measured and limited to the most important, because cozy garden furniture do not bring much, if you can hardly move.

matter of taste

The selection depends largely on your personal preferences. Are furniture made of wood, mesh, metal or plastic preferred? Should it be more traditional

Be furniture or are experimental forms allowed? Is the choice more for romantic or cool furniture? If these questions are clarified in advance, this makes the decision and the purchase easier. Plastic furniture, for example, should be dyed through, so that scars are not immediately visible.

Synthetic weave

The high standards that are placed on garden furniture, traditional wicker furniture made of natural materials are inadequate. However, synthetic wicker garden furniture is a real marvel when it comes to resilience. The high-quality, modern plastics are lightfast, weatherproof, recyclable and non-toxic, but they have their price. This is partly because the braiding is still handmade today.

Stowing the upholstery in winter

In terms of upholstery, which is suitable for the outside, a lot has happened. There is a wide range of special outdoor fabrics and the interior is made in such a way that small rain showers are no longer a problem. On the other hand, permanent moisture should be avoided. When buying soft cushions for the patio, consider where they can be stored in the winter.

Native wood or tropical wood?

When it comes to wood, opinions differ. Tropical woods are undisputed, especially the weather-resistant teak. For a purchase with a clear conscience, it should be ensured that they come from plantation cultivation, which is recognizable by the Forest Stewardship Council seal. The native woods such as larch or spruce are weatherproof only by impregnation or paint.