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Hollywood swing

Hollywood swing

In a new guise and no longer as you all knew, the porch swing is now back in the native gardens. An all-round design made the quite inconspicuous garden bench a completely new garden highlight. The new Hollywood swings set from now on on glamor and luxury.

Surely all can still remember how much the old state-of-the-art Hollywood swings squeaked in their best times when used. This object had its high season in the sixties and seventies. Much has come back into fashion from this time and so also the Hollywood swing. She could be banished for a while, but a new robe brought her back. It continues to swing back and forth and uplift the people but that makes the Hollywood swing now with much more charm.

The time of the Hollywood swing

Almost every family has possessed such a relic. Especially the well-heeled families were the ones who wanted to set up such an object in the garden of the 60s and 70s. But this historic object was also available in the 1950s. The porch swing was invented not just to swing back and forth. It should also help the sitting person to relax. Awning and floral patterns were the hallmarks of the Hollywood swing. As a status symbol viewed more and more families bought this object.

Back there! The Hollywood swing!

It was time to bring this great idea back to life. The old times are still the best, but now the Hollywood swing is a true design wonder. Hardly anything will bring back the memory of the models of the old times.

Where should the swing chair best be set up?

The Germans gave the Hollywood swing their name. Because who looked at this swing was immediately kidnapped in the Hollywood movie world. However, it is the name that determines the place for this object. Hollywood swing is the nickname and this object is actually called porch swing or garden swing. So the best place is in the garden, on the veranda or on the terrace. Where the most beautiful view prevails, the swing is best. At the pond or next to a pool and a nice corner in the garden are just a few of the installation possibilities. From the chosen place everything should be well manageable.

The background texture

The swing belongs to a straight area on which there is enough space for swings.

Hollywood in the living room

But not only outside, this swing should be set up. Even in the living room, this swing makes very good. But here it is then a lounge couch or a sofa with swinging effect. The choice of material also facilitates this decision. The material allows this swing to be placed both indoors and outdoors.