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Terrace furniture for small terraces

Terrace furniture for small terraces

Matching furniture for space on small terraces

A private balcony or a small terrace is a real blessing. After all, it always gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air in your own home. And even on so small terraces and balconies, you can create a lot of space and a great feel-good atmospher

For small terrace there are also tables and chairs

You’ll still have freedom of movement on your small terrace, if you have chairs and a table there. After all, you also have to be able to move around on your terrace somehow. A small table and no huge and bulky table model is therefore much better suited for your small terrace. And even better, you can even create a lot of space and freedom of movement if you decide on a folding table that you can set up whenever you need it and can save space on the edge of the terrace. If you have a wall or even a railing on your terrace, then you even have the opportunity to use a table to hang on your terrace. Stackable chairs or foldable chairs are also a crucial factor for space on your patio. So you can always set up as many chairs as you need and create freedom of movement on your terrace. Wooden chairs may not be so suitable. After all, they usually can not be stacked at first and often look very big and chunky. Terrace furniture made of plastic or metal is therefore a good alternative for smaller terraces.

To design a small terrace well

Flowers may not be missing on any terrace. Of course, you do not have to do without it on small terraces. Use hanging baskets and flower gondolas, for example, which make for a great flair while hanging upside down and do without chunky and large flower boxes and flower tubs. A small parasol, which is specially designed for the smaller size of the terrace, also ensures a summer feel-good atmosphere and, of course, a sunscreen.