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Terrace made of tropical wood

Terrace made of tropical wood

Terrace made of tropical wood

Tropical wood for the terrace offers some advantages. Because tropical woods have a special look and look very good. In addition, they are also very persistent and have a long life. Bangkirai and Massaranduba are the most popular tropical timbers for terraces.

Enjoy nature on your own terrace

On nice days and especially in summer, you can only benefit from a beautiful terrace. Finally, your own terrace gives you the opportunity to enjoy the hours of sunshine alone or together with your family and simply relax. With wine, a good book, you can experience the pleasure very well. Or you can also bring your friends to enjoy the nature experience on your own terrace. Not only warmer summer nights entice you to spend a long time on your terrace. The beautiful look of the tropical wood will keep you long on your terrace, if you opt for tropical wood for the terrace. So you have not only a visual highlight, but also a weatherproof with a long life to do so.

Tropical wood is outstanding in many ways

One or the other type of tropical wood should certainly be in your range when it comes to designing your patio with wood. Because tropical wood offers you advantages that you will rarely find in local woods. So the tropical wood is generally very resistant, which makes it longer lasting. So you have from your terrace tropical wood easily 20 to 30 years something, even if it is completely exposed to the weather and unprotected.

Bangkirai and Massaranduba are particularly popular

Tropical woods also have varieties that are very popular and those that are not. For terraces especially Bagkirai and Massaranduba are popular and advantageous. Massaranduba comes from the Amazon region of South America and has an extreme hardness. Nevertheless, you have a pleasant barefoot feeling, because the wood has a natural oil, which makes your run very well and also provides a great look. Bangkirai, however, has a slightly lighter color and comes from Asia. It is also not quite as resistant as the wood Massaranduba.

Cost-effective and ecological alternative to tropical wood is the durable wood!