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Terrace design in spring

Terrace design in spring

With the right terrace design in the spring

When the first rays of sun shine in the spring, then is the perfect time to redesign the terrace. This should finally be, during the warm season, a feel-good place and a small eye-catcher. Especially in the summer, most people prefer to stay outside, on their patio. However, relaxation and recreation can only be offered if it is well prepared and comfortable.

Working in the spring for the terrace

After the long winter months, at the beginning of spring, you want to spend more time outdoors and enjoy every single ray of sunshine. For this, however, once the necessary work on the terrace must be done. So, among other things, a thorough cleaning of the terrace covering must take place, since over the winter may have settled a lot of moss. Thorough scrubbing is one possibility. Another is, however, when a high-pressure cleaner is used. However, this should only be done with the smallest step of the cleaner, otherwise the surface of the floor covering can be damaged. Also, the floor can be cleaned with a brush and water, by hand.

Create a special ambience Through the terrace design

When the cleaning is done, you should start creating a feel-good ambience. For this plants and the matching furniture must not be missing. Are still matching, modern furniture available, so these should now be brought from the winter quarters. If you prefer to buy new furniture or seat cushions, then this is the right time for it. Most people feel comfortable only when colorful flowers exude their wonderful scents. Therefore, the beds and flowerpots should now be replanted and prepared. What also belongs to a special ambience are small decorative items that are affectionately attached.