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Sitting area Garden – The summer living room

Sitting area Garden – The summer living room

We all like to spend the beautiful days of the year in the fresh air and so we like to move our living room into the garden, especially in the summer months. A cozy corner in the garden serves as a cozy place to read or to take delicious drinks and of course to sunbathe. Anyone who still has to create such a oasis of well-being, should first think a few thoughts. The course should meet a few important criteria. The living room under the open sky should be protected from the wind, lie quietly and, above all, not be exposed to the blazing sun.

Cozy sitting area in the garden

The possibilities to make a sitting area in the garden comfortable are enormous. The surface should be secured in the area of ​​the seating area, otherwise the legs of the tables and chairs could permanently sink into the lawn. The possibilities of equipping the ground with a solid surface are manifold. Natural stone paving, slabs, clinker or even wooden planks are ideal for fixing the substrate. The cozy sitting area can be harmoniously integrated into the overall picture of the garden. The materials should be used so that they fit optically to the rest of the garden. The sitting area can be comfortably decorated with various decorative elements. Different plants or perennials can be used as a natural decoration element. The blooming flowers are a visual highlight for the viewer. For rest and relaxation also smaller fountains or ponds, which can be wonderfully integrated in the vicinity of the seating area. Water is an element that for most means rest and relaxation.

The natural sunscreen for the sitting area

The natural sunscreen is not only practical, it is also another visual highlight for the cozy seating area. First of all, you must first find out where the sun shines the longest on the sitting area. In this corner can then plant or trees are set, which then act as a natural shade donors. The natural way to protect yourself from the sun is very romantic, under the green foliage you can relax and unwind and enjoy the warm days of the year. For climbing plants trellis are very helpful, here the plants can move along.


A cozy place in the fresh air is very popular in the summer, also can be set up a small paradise in the garden without much effort. The design is almost unlimited, so anyone can set up a cozy place to his own liking. In the sitting area, the summer can be enjoyed to the fullest.