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Modern wooden kitchens

Modern wooden kitchens

The trend towards environmentally conscious and ecological living is also becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Modern wooden kitchens are more popular than ever before for this reason. Wood contributes to overall wellbeing and wood kitchen fans find that the material is optimal for kitchen fronts. Modern wooden kitchens are not only bought for reasons of indoor climate, but the unique grain and pattern can provide a distinctive look. Each wood kitchen is unique.

The differences of modern wooden kitchens

In a real solid wood kitchen, all kitchen furniture is made of solid wood. Most solid wood kitchens usually only offer fronts made of solid wood. The solid wood kitchens are compared to the solid wood kitchens significantly lighter and therefore no structural engineer is needed if the capacity of the kitchen floor is sufficient. If a kitchen has been made entirely of solid wood, then this is more expensive than the solid wood kitchens. Modern wooden kitchens are often sold under the name of real wood kitchen and these are usually wood kitchens, where the filling or front of real wood veneer, which was glued on an MDF board. The material has many processing options, including painting, brushing and limescale. The solid wood kitchens have very robust and easy-care wooden worktops. In modern wooden kitchens, care generally always depends on the material. A treated real wood can be cared for without difficulty with mild detergent and a damp cloth.

A solid wood kitchen

For the production of solid wood kitchen only massive and natural woods are used. These woods are used in countertops, fronts and corpus. Common types of wood are cherry, oak, beech or pine. Of course, every wood has its advantages and advantages and special properties. Softwood is a bit cheaper compared to hardwood, but not so hard-wearing and robust. The woods are all protected by wax, oil or varnish. It is particularly advantageous in solid wood kitchens that damage can be repaired by a carpenter. For kitchens made of plastic this is not possible.

A solid wood kitchen

In a solid wood kitchen, not all parts, but most parts are made of solid wood. Drawer bottoms or back walls can be made of cheaper wood. The price and the weight are the advantages over a solid wood kitchen. Modern wooden kitchens as a solid wood variant can hardly be distinguished from the solid wood kitchen at first glance.

A real wood kitchen

These modern wooden kitchens are inexpensive alternatives to solid and solid wood kitchens. The kitchen has a traditional body of chipboard or MDF board and the surfaces are then finished with real wood veneer. There is a protective varnish to protect against scratches and moisture. Veneered kitchens are more robust compared to plastic kitchens and there are the visual advantages of a real and modern wood kitchen.

The perfect combination

For classic country kitchens and also for modern solid wood kitchens, high quality wood species are used. A modern wooden kitchen can convince by a homely and comfortable look. Every style of the real wood kitchen can be easily adapted and no matter whether modern or country style. Exciting and harmonious contrasts exist through basket, glass, stainless steel or iron.

Impressions Modern wooden kitchen