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Advantages and disadvantages of ash wood

Advantages and disadvantages of ash wood

Ash wood is stable and elastic and has a distinctive grain. It is perfect for flooring and tool handles.

Ash wood grows throughout Cambodia throughout Europe, North America, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The largest proportion of ash wood offers the common ash, which is mainly found in the Baltic States. In addition, there are the mountain ash in Europe, which is also called rowanberry tree. Then there is North American ash wood that comes from the whitebeam. This differs in the color of Asian and European ash wood.


Ash wood can be pale gray or yellowish-white. Often it is also reddish-white, the light brown darkens. In the ash wood, the annual rings are clearly visible and therefore create an interesting surface structure. Through narrow, dark stripes, ash wood has an interesting grain. In rare cases, a locking may occur. This is called a form of surface structure, which results from a wavy course in ash wood. Too moist storage or incorrect drying should be avoided, as this may result in red irregular stains in the ash wood.


The advantages of ash wood are that it is elastic and firm at the same time and hard. Since it is made from local ash wood, it also has a good eco-balance.

It remains flexible despite its strength. Often it is not easy to process ash wood. Because this is a very tough and difficult to split wood. Nevertheless, it is very elastic and hardly warps. Because of its irregular structure, the wood is less suitable for polishing. Wood preservative does not absorb ash wood well. Therefore, it is difficult to impregnate. Ash wood is not weatherproof and resistant to the infestation of fungi and insects.


It is not weather resistant, not suitable for polishing and has a brittle structure.


Ash wood is popular for its interior design thanks to its interesting appearance. Besides, it is also used for kitchen surfaces. Its elasticity properties combined with its hardness make ash wood a popular wood for sports equipment and tool handles. Particularly suitable is ash wood for planks, as it is not easy to wear.