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Home lighting for all spaces

Home lighting for all spaces

Choosing home lighting is among several other details that you need is a proper plan when decorating a new space in your home. However, the decisions to be made are not that simple, even if it is a simple renovation or a makeover. You need a proper organization and do things in one room after another.

Here is a simple room guide room to choose lighting fixtures for your home.


Lighting is the key factor in your entrance as it can either make your home more welcoming or ruin it completely. Therefore, choose a suitable atmosphere at your front door to welcome your guests. Most foyers are equipped with a large chandelier or a lamp that fits the space and creates a welcoming atmosphere. If your foyer is decorated with antiques and paintings, accent lights on the walls against the decorations can play a big role in highlighting the beauty of this important part of your home.

Living room

This is the ultimate destination for your guests as they are welcomed through the entrance. Make sure you create a perfect balance in your living room. The living room plays many roles, from an entertainment stage to a place to relax. It is therefore recommended to use permanent lighting fixtures such as ceiling lamps or chandeliers. Be sure to match them with the size of your room and your decor. Never forget the lamps and floor lamps. It is necessary to regulate the amount of light in the room, therefore a dimmer switch is a must.

Dining room

It is one of the easiest to light in a home simply because the room is the dining table. The most common residential lighting fixtures are chandeliers, but hanging lamps are also popular for lighting dining rooms. If you have an accent function in the room, you can also consider setting up work or accent lamps to illuminate the functions.


There is not a single point of contact in the kitchen, so the lighting is a little more complex. Ceiling lights will be needed for basic operations but important places such as kitchen island, sink and bar need extra lighting. These areas can be lit up with pedant lights. You can also consider headlights.