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Guide kitchen block – a space-saving solution

Guide kitchen block – a space-saving solution

If you only have little space to accommodate your kitchen, so a kitchen block could help here. It integrates all the important components of a kitchen to save space, to accommodate stove, refrigerator and Co. well.

All electrical appliances, sink, base cabinets, and wall units are combined in a compact manner in a kitchen unit. However, a kitchen block is not a rigid system and can be adapted to your circumstances despite all the presets.

The kitchen block can vary between a simple line where all components are lined up side by side, an angle kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen structure. The L-kitchen is built on two sides, each with a shorter and longer side. Single households like to take the straight lines of a kitchen in order to save space. Do not confuse the kitchen block with a kitchen island.

Why you should opt for a compact kitchen block

Due to the given structure, kitchen units are cheaper than custom fitted kitchens. This is because a kitchen unit requires no elaborate planning and neither the premises nor water or electricity connections must be considered. Normally, a kitchen block including all electrical appliances is offered, which are included in the price.

A big advantage is that the elements of the kitchen block are pre-designed and fixed. This saves time in the selection, since the kitchen no longer needs to be put together by you. The many different types make it still possible for you to select the kitchen according to the available space and shape.

Not least by the free choice of the front design, the kitchen block can be adapted to your individual taste.

What you should think about the kitchen block

By already selected selection of components of a kitchen block this allows less design options that you would have, for example, in a fitted kitchen. You may not have the full range of choices in terms of electrical appliances, desired materials and their quality, color and shape.

But a kitchen block can be easily personalized by choosing countertops and fronts of different colors and materials.

Kitchen blocks save space and create order

For small spaces, designing a functional and space-saving kitchen is often difficult. In one-room apartments are often only niches for cooking or the kitchen forms together with the living room only one room. Here, not only the functionality must be respected, but the kitchen in the small format must also integrate visually in the rest of the room and show a suitable design.

We offer different variations of the kitchen block, depending on the color and the circumstances. A complete kitchenette includes an electric cooker with extractor hood and a sink.

If you already have the appropriate electrical appliances, a kitchen unit can be purchased without these items.

Kitchens, whether as a block, line, built-in or other design, you get in different, varied variations in the model and the style.

Your mini-kitchen asks for a table

Seating at the vegetable cutting or in between to enjoy a cup of coffee always do well. Maybe it is also a breakfast for two that you would like to take in your new kitchen? In a kitchen block there is the possibility of integrating a counter. Together with one or two bar stools, you can comfortably sit down and add a modern element to your kitchen at the same time.

A folding table or a bistro table are also ideal for taking up space in the small kitchen in a space-saving and contemporary way.

Do not confuse, please!

At the beginning, we mentioned that kitchen blocks are often mistakenly referred to as kitchen or cooking islands. The characteristics of a “Kitchen island are built-in cooking or rinsing points”, The compact island in the kitchen usually has a sweeping worktop on top and offers plenty of storage space for kitchen utensils or for your cooking equipment. It is close to the rest of the kitchen and therefore minimizes the time spent cooking.

Kitchen islands can be retrofitted, but the effort should not be underestimated. It may be necessary to subsequently install connections for electricity or water, as these must come from the middle of the room. If you use the cooking island only as an additional work surface or as storage space, then of course no connections are needed.

Zoom in and extend the kitchenette

The simple thing is to enlarge a kitchenette by adding components when there is need and space. The kitchen block is in this respect a modular kitchen in nothing. In our kitchen studio you will find competent contact persons and help to optimally expand your kitchen block.