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Guide Modular Kitchens – individual and practical

Guide Modular Kitchens – individual and practical

The right modular kitchen for every requirement

For a modern kitchen to become the highlight of your entire apartment today, flexibility and individuality are indispensable. In addition to the basic layout of the room, flexible room planning not only takes into account your personal preferred interior design style, but also introduces your style of living and especially your cooking preferences into the planning process. Modular kitchens guarantee comfortable as well as practical solutions to create a suitable dream kitchen from every kitchen space.

Modular kitchen dreams

If you are looking for a functional and efficient kitchen with plenty of storage space that adapts beautifully to your individual needs, then the system of a modular kitchen is exactly what you are looking for.

From a practical point of view, modular kitchens can be compared with fitted kitchens. However, they offer a much higher level of flexibility. Contrary to a kitchen block, the elements of the modular kitchen are available individually. This creates a degree of freedom, since the elements can be converted in the event of a necessary move, a renovation or renovation, supplemented or even completely new combined. Convincing is above all the proven quality of our kitchen modules, which promise due to their large selection and the different price ranges for every taste the right thing.

Not only the composition of the individual elements is relatively simple, due to the modular design is also a faster and easier construction or dismantling of the kitchen given. With its very special and functional look and the countless combination options, the modular kitchen promises to be a special eye-catcher in your home.

Your personal and individual taste and lifestyle will be reflected in a high degree of storage space and practical functionality.

The choice of colors, shapes and different materials is big and unique. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design, or a trendy modern style, you are sure to find your dream kitchen. Even modul kitchens in retro design or country house style, as well as made of rustic solid wood kitchens to choose from and offer an almost limitless range of possibilities.

Combination of modern equipment and functional versatility

In contrast to planned fitted kitchens or ready-made kitchen units, a modular kitchen offers maximum freedom in terms of planning and design. Whether a closed kitchen or an open kitchen with an open living-kitchen area – with modular kitchens everything is possible.

All you have to consider are the existing conditions of your kitchen space. These include the size and the section of the room, as well as the room height and the connections for water and electronics. You choose from the wide range of different modules the perfect kitchen combination for you. This can be extended at any time by further elements. In addition, existing fitted kitchens can be easily combined with individual modules.

Another big advantage is the individual and flexible equipment options of your modular kitchen. The wide range of individual elements offers space for a wide variety of design options. Wall cabinets, base cabinets, tall cabinets, shelves and sideboards, as well as shelves and all kitchen accessories are part of the enormous product range.

Similarly, the pre-planning includes the positioning of your electrical appliances. Which kitchen appliance should join the picture at which point? Whether oven, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, extractor hood or washing machine – everything can be easily integrated according to your personal wishes. If you need decision support, a professional consultant will be at your side.

Flexibility through mobile kitchens

If you have to move often, is well served with modular kitchens. They are the optimal kitchen solution due to their mobile flexibility. The functional design ensures easy assembly and disassembly of your kitchen in the new premises.

When you relocate or redesign your rooms, the individual modules can be rearranged and rearranged as desired. The modular kitchen does not consist of a continuous worktop, but of many small individual pieces of furniture that do not stand in the way of the redesign.

Planning your new dream kitchen

A personal kitchen consultant will be pleased to show you the benefits of a modular kitchen based on the kitchen studio’s exhibits. Due to his many years of experience, he is able to provide the best possible support in the planning and compilation of your dream kitchen. Do not be afraid to arrange a free and non-binding appointment to convince yourself of the great offer with its different possibilities.

When buying a new kitchen, we of course offer a delivery service and the expert design of your new kitchen furniture. These include the connections of the associated kitchen appliances. From the interior cabinet lighting to the sink and the oven, we bring all your appliances to function.

Even in seemingly impossible situations we find a solution together. Whether in a confined space or for a small budget – our professionals cut your new modular kitchen to suit your personal circumstances and requirements. The design and creative possibilities are just as limited as the price level. Each kitchen dream can be individually fulfilled.