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Safety lighting

Safety lighting

Frames for low-voltage landscape lighting can be divided into two principle classifications: low-voltage and ordinary. The standard voltage frames continue to run on your homes 120v power and should be controlled into your framework like the other electrical appliances. Low voltage frames for stage lighting continue to run on a transformer that can be connected to a standard outdoor container. The transformer lowers the electrical output and then maintains the correct voltage for the lamps that are attached to the framework.

Here are the main contrasts near 120v and 12v (low voltage) frames for outdoor lighting:


The low-voltage landscape lighting is also available in different types of low watts and can be acquired in many column spreads. This takes into account more accurate and imaginative lighting effects with lower vitality costs. The 120v lamps are considerably larger and in this way require larger appliances to house them. The higher wattage lamps have only a few scattering options and create incorrectly high light levels. This causes glare problems and reduces your ability to make discreet effects. They are also more expensive to work with.


Transformers with 12v can be connected to one of your existing outdoor repositories; much of the time there is no requirement for an electrician. The framework for 12v is really easy to implement (the link should only be covered over and placed outside damage from excavation, and so on,) and provides greater adaptability to roll out improvements later. The frames usually require the wires to be covered no less than 18 inches deep and put in a defensive. This makes them difficult to introduce and much more difficult to move on from the chance that you change finishing or have plants that become too large.


Installation of low voltage landscape lighting 12 volts and wires are especially designed for wet areas and work safely when exposed to moisture. 120v cables, installations and connectors must be completely waterproof; and pose a potential risk of stunning when wet.