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Bathroom roll holder

Bathroom roll holder

Why should towels and toilet rolls on the edge of the bathtub, if it is so stylish Towel & toilet roll holder.

Towel & toilet roll holder – uncomplicated to create order

Towel & toilet roll holder are essential in the bathroom. If towels are not airily hung up after showering, bacteria form, give an unpleasant odor and make them feel hard and scratchy. A towel rail is therefore part of every bathroom. Well-known designer  convince with minimalism and noble materials such as ash, oak, brass and metal. The compact designs even fit in small guest toilets and should therefore not be withheld from visitors. And where to go with the toilet rolls? Everyone knows the problems: they take away too much space in the bathroom counter. If they are in a basket, dust them. If they are standing on the edge of the bathtub, they absorb water. If you stack them on the shelf, they will fall over. There is no way around a decent toilet roll holder! Luckily, there are the useful products in modern, sleek designs that look good in any bathroom and impress visitors. Geometric figures and forms are currently conquering the market. For example, the toilet roll holders recognize the cylinder, the cube or the triangle. Exciting materials such as cement and wood give the designs their final touch.