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Lamps and more to illuminate a dull space

Lamps and more to illuminate a dull space

Most designers do not use a set of rulebooks to create the perfect design for a room. Actually, good designers do not work on rules but rather are guided by their instincts to know what is right and what is not. These instincts are based on many years of experience in handling different types of room decor. What such a designer will advise on decorating a room is that lighting accounts for a greater proportion of the elegance of a room.

Lamps and more account for the amount of light in a room. For example, apart from the lights, the color of the walls, furniture and windows make the presence of a room brighter. Here are some more tips to brighten up your room.


The use of mirrors is one of the fastest ways to light up a space without digging into the pockets for an extra crown. Including mirrors in your decor is a great way to light up any room, especially if you have a small room. Mirrors reflect the little available light in the room to make a space shine even without proper lights in place. If a full wall mirror is not an option for you, you may want to consider a table mirror. Place it next to a bright light source in the room, such as a lamp, a window or a door.


Colors on the walls play a bigger role than just adding to the interior design of the space. Color can also be used to illuminate a dull or dark room provided the color used is light and neutral. A good painting that can light up a space is white or gray, especially when used in the ceiling. A white ceiling not only lights up the space but also makes the room brighter and more airy.


The use of light curtains in a room can play a big role in lighting up a dull space. You can consider using creamy white or light yellow curtains for windows if the windows need to be covered.


If you live in an apartment building, this option can be difficult if you do not consult the landlords. Otherwise, consider adding an extra window in the direction of the sunrise to feel the soothing rays of the morning sun for your own home. If you already have windows in place, you can consider increasing the sizes.