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Repair your gooseneck desk lamp yourself

Repair your gooseneck desk lamp yourself

There are a variety of solutions for repairing Gooseneck Desk Lamp that can work for your problem. Just remember to change the lamp sometimes is the only option.

  • Start with the basics –
  • The easiest repair is to change the lamp on your gooseneck table lamp. You may be obvious but sometimes we just overlook the solution. Replace the lamp first if the lamp does not light up. Unique size and shape are sometimes required in gooseneck lamps. So when you buy carry your old one to the store. Remember that these special light bulbs cost about 3 – 5 $.

  • Repair of lamp clamp
  • Lamp clamps are of different types such as the spring-loaded or a twisted one. Sometimes the clamp can break or lose its spring, making it no longer usable even if electrical parts are perfectly fine. In such a case, a simple stand can be made of scrap, primer and a complementary paint. Make a hole in the wood with a large drill for the cord so that it can extend from the base. It would be good if you could remove the base without damaging the wires. Just remember to leave a small part of the lamp clamp so that the wood has a little grip to hold on to the lamp.

  • Check for wires
  • The function of the gooseneck table lamp can be restarted by repairing the light socket, cord or plug. If the cord has a cut or is worn from any point, it can lead to poor connections. Start the repair by opening the bottom of the lamp and leaving several centimeters away from the edges, cut the cord. Now separate the thread strip the old thread end to about ½ inches. Repeat the same with a new cord as well. Now twist the ends of both new and old wire and secure them with electrical tape. The use of electric nuts can also be done. Carefully insert the new wire into the base and replace the base. If the problem is with the connector in a similar way as broken, cracked or bent, repeat the same process.