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Chandelier in the kitchen

Chandelier in the kitchen

Chandeliers have been used in almost every room in the home. From the dining room, the chandeliers have also moved to living rooms, halls, bathrooms and now kitchens. Since most chandeliers are ornate, it will be a decorative piece of lighting, and having one in the kitchen will surely catch your eye. One may wonder why one wants to pay attention to the kitchen lighting. For the artistic people as well as those who appreciate variety in lighting, having one will only add to the beauty of a well-organized and beautiful kitchen. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of using chandeliers for your kitchen.

Check the style

The style of the chandelier should match the kitchen. As such, consider finishing the chandelier and making sure it matches the faucets, drawer handles and other kitchen fixtures.

Check the material

The kitchen is a work area that is exposed to grease and steam as well as odors from food. When choosing a good chandelier for kitchen use, note how well the material used handles these. Crystal chandeliers and other chandeliers made of glass may not be so ideal for kitchen use.

Layer the Lighting

Just having a chandelier in the kitchen is not a good idea. Instead, try to add the lighting for a more visually appealing and practically lit kitchen. Use recessed lighting for ambient lighting and countertops for work lighting. This will give your kitchen a total balance when it comes to lighting, as chandeliers are generally not a good source of ambient lighting.

Get the right size

We can not talk about chandeliers without mentioning size. The right way to get the right size of chandelier is to take the length and width of the room, add them and then use the result as the right diameter in inches for the chandelier. Do not hang the chandelier too close to the floor, as you may bump into it while walking, otherwise it may obstruct the road.

Place the chandelier

This depends on whether the kitchen is a food kitchen or not. For those who eat in the kitchen, it is advisable to mount the chandelier just above the dining table. If the kitchen is not a food kitchen, it will work well to center the chandelier for the kitchen. Be careful when mounting the chandelier, as it is best to do with an electrician.