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Large chandelier lighting for foyer

Large chandelier lighting for foyer

Chandeliers are fantastic lighting fixtures when used correctly. They bring out the glamor and splendor of a room according to the interior design of the space. Among several factors that are considered during the selection process of chandeliers is their size. The size of the space correlates directly with the size of the lighting fixture. This is why a large chandelier lighting can not be used for a small space. If you have a large and spacious room or a foyer, the large chandeliers are the types of lighting fixtures you should go for.

Foyers match very well with large chandeliers but size is still a factor to consider as not all foyers are the same size, nor are the chandeliers. Here are some tips to help you through the entire process of choosing the most appropriate large chandelier size for your foyer.

The height of your foyer

The height of the foyer in this context can be determined by measuring the height between the floor and the bottom of the chandelier. Basically, an average height of 184 inches should be allowed. If the ceiling of the foyer is less than 184 inches, it is not suitable for hanging a chandelier.

Chandelier height

The height of a large chandelier lighting also goes hand in hand with the height between ceiling and floor. The approximate height of the chandelier should be every 2.5 to 3 inches of the chandelier for each foot of the foyer ceiling height. A simple arithmetic will help you get it right. 1ft is equal to 12 ”, so multiply the ceiling height in feet by 12 and then divide by 2.5. It should give you a chandelier height for your foyer in inches.

Be sure to include the length of cap and chain required to hang the large chandelier lighting when measuring the overall height.

The width of the chandelier

An ideal width for the chandelier should also be determined by simple arithmetic. Measure the height and width of your foyer with feet as a unit of measurement. Add the measurements together and the resulting value in inches should be the width of your chandelier.

With these simple steps, you should be able to determine the most suitable size of chandelier for your foyer. The size of the luminaire will be in proportion to the foyer. Remember that proportionality is a key factor when it comes to the stunning decor of a room.