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Modern white kitchen

Modern white kitchen

In times of good food, increasing interest in healthy food and good taste is one of the most important: A beautiful, bright and above all modern kitchen. Every morning we meet here. Prepare for lunch, have breakfast, bake a cake and mix cocktails for your friends evening. The kitchen is a feel-good place and should stay that way.

Order and Cleanliness

Two words that definitely have something to look for in the kitchen. White symbolizes order, purity and lightness and gives every kitchen something cheerful. Small rooms give the bright kitchen front a little more space and freedom. But they are also very popular in large rooms.

An island in the middle of the apartment

Although a real island would certainly be nicer, you can start with a kitchen island first. A spacious kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen is not only practical, but is also a real eye-catcher. By separating the work areas, you firstly do not get in the way and have an impressive cooking area through the white, modern kitchen.

Flexibility and elegance

A modern, white kitchen looks fast elegant, stylish and at the same time simple. With individual accessories and decorative elements, the whole kitchen paradise can quickly get a different touch. Depending on the season and mood, you can flirt with all shapes and colors in a white kitchen and set it up to your taste.

With copper tones and plants to the oasis of well-being

Especially in the kitchen area, herbs, flowers and other plants are always excellent. The white harmonizes with the fresh colors and immediately brings a lively feeling into the room. In combination with matte copper tones, the modern kitchen quickly becomes an oasis of well-being. Brown, green and white become one and give the room a natural and at the same time noble impression. Maybe with a nice parquet floor?

For a glass of wine in the evening or a tea in the afternoon is not always needed the sofa. With fairy lights or LED strips, small lamps in the corners or a beautiful large ceiling light, the kitchen can also be a place of well-being. Especially in a white kitchen, small lights make the cooking area sparkle and sparkle.

Modern white kitchen inspirations