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Garden furniture trends

Garden furniture trends

Garden furniture – It depends on the care

When the days are getting longer in the spring and the first strong rays of sun are shedding even the last messengers of winter, the opening of the garden season and the associated installation of garden furniture is imminent! Most of them, however, have become dull, dirty and unsightly as a result of the storage and exertions of last summer – what now? Here are ten tricks and tips for cleaning and maintaining your garden furniture to bring material and surface to new splendor and show you the new garden furniture trends for 2019 in the photo show.

Rain, sun, frost, heat, UV radiation, splashing water and cold weather – external weather influences almost every material and does not only affect the surfaces, but the complete substance. This not only applies to free-standing garden furniture, but also for the seating on the balcony! In addition to the external weather influences then come to stresses such as pushing, flaps and top seats added and affect the condition of the furniture in the long term very.

The best for garden furniture – a regular care

If one dedicates time and care to his garden furniture only once per garden season, one has laid a very good foundation stone, that one will have many seasons to his joy. It is a fact that a well-maintained material, regardless of the material properties, is far from being prone to external weather influences and saves a lot of work. A conventional cleaning with the usual cleaners, selected accordingly for the material, often brings a lot!

Regular cleaning intervals

Once the seat is cleared out of the garage or shed, it should first be roughly cleared with a hand brush of coarse dirt. Thereafter, a gentle cleaning with a conventional soapy water for the time being the simplest home remedy to rid the sets of dirt films and coverings.

Of course you have to adjust the care of the garden furniture but always something to the material. According to the Association of the German Furniture Industry, about 35 percent of the garden furniture is made of wood and about 30 percent of plastic, such as poly rattan. The remaining 25 percent are composed of metal furniture. All offer almost the same comfort properties – but completely different care properties and this makes a huge difference depending on the material, whether you want to weather-resistant wood care and metal or free from rust spots.

Stay away from scouring while taking care of plastic patio furniture

Seating furniture made of plastic gets very quickly due to external weather influences a Grauschleiher, which settles on the surface, deposits and colors. Often, such stains are persistent – but you should not resort to scouring agents, as they bring through the mechanical action and the soft material small scratches in the surface. Although garden furniture made of plastic for the first moment again nice and clean, but offer even better attachment and Feststellungsungsmöglichkeiten!

To a new shine with car polish and baking soda

To clean plastic, a general-purpose or vinegar cleaner is usually the better alternative. The color of bright plastic furniture can also be retrieved with baking soda. Simply rub the furniture with a damp cloth and baking soda, let it work for a short time and then wash it thoroughly. The soda is perfectly dissolved dirt and so darkens dark stains. Against rough or dull surfaces, a treatment helps with some car polish.

If you want to get over the hassle, we recommend using plastic garden furniture with a special surface finish when choosing new garden furniture. Dirt can penetrate less well into the surface and discoloration is ideally prevented. The seal makes it easier to remove dirt and keep the furniture looking beautiful longer. In such furniture but also that these are not cleaned with too sharp or aggressive abrasives, so as not to destroy the paint. Those who heed these tips will enjoy their garden furniture for a long time!