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Advantages and disadvantages teak wood

Advantages and disadvantages teak wood

As uniquely patterned wood in warm shades of brown, teak wood is popular for interior decoration, and its weather resistance makes it ideal for making garden furniture.

The tropical wood is originally from Asia. It grows in the forests of Burma and India and is one of the oldest indigenous woods here. In Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam, teak has been cultivated specifically for processing for more than one hundred years, as well as in the tropical climates of South America and West Africa.

Even though teak wood is very popular, the eco-balance of this wood is considered bad. The tropical wood lays long transport routes back to the trade. However, if you do not want to do without teak wood, you should pay attention to eco-labels such as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which stands for sustainable cultivation of the wood.


Teak comes in different shades of brown, the shades vary between medium brown and golden brown. The grain consists of fine stripes in a dark brown, which are typical of this wood. If teak is sliced ​​at an angle, it often shows a bump that is coarser than the characteristic grain of the wood. Untreated teak has a thin patina after some time, which shines silvery or gray. The life of the wood does not suffer. However, regular oiling or waxing is important for maintaining the popular color of the teak.


It is reminiscent in its robustness and hardness of the wood of oaks. It is very resistant to weather and moisture. Even with changing external influences, it retains its shape, it hardly warps. In comparison with other woods of this high quality, the weight is very low. Teak contains rubber, so the surface feels a bit damp and oily. Insects, fungi and chemicals have little effect on teak wood. The quality of this wood, however, depends heavily on the age and location of the trees.


Because it is very weather-resistant, it is often used for the production of garden furniture. Through its popular coloring and grain, furniture and trim for the interior of teak wood are made. Because teak is very strong and sturdy, it is used for various interior and exterior floor coverings as well as doors and frames on windows and doors. In addition, teak wood is often used in the construction of boats and ships.


  • popular brown tint and characteristic grain
  • firm and robust
  • light wood
  • hardly disappears
  • high resistance to external influences such as weathering


  • as a tropical wood a bad eco-balance
  • rare and therefore expensive