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Childrens room lighting

Childrens room lighting

The nursery is a place for romping, playing and learning. And like every room in the house, the nursery also needs a good lighting concept. A Children’s room lamp However, it should not only provide sufficient light, but at the same time be designed in a decorative and child-friendly way. A particularly successful example is the children’s wall sconce by Ferm Living, which lights up children’s eyes with its childlike motifs and provides enough light to read the bedtime story.

Exceptional lights for the nursery

In addition to child-friendly furniture may of course also special children’s lighting Not missing in a well-equipped children’s room. They provide the right light on the bedside and desk and throughout the room. Depending on the age of the children, the focus is on different types of lamps: For example, it is more important for a toddler that they fall asleep before a small slumber light burns. Larger children need rather well-lit desk lamps for their homework. Particularly important in children’s rooms are properly dimensioned ceiling lights, which provide good overall lighting for playing and crafting.