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Lighting company

It does not matter what amount of space you have in a particular room, with the help of some useful lighting tips you can make any room look spacious, functional and attractive. Here are the lighting company’s some of the most important tips to illuminate your house.

Do you find it difficult to choose between a traditional, rustic luminaire or something modern? Do not worry. Start by choosing your favorite element in the room where you need to replace the lighting and choose a luminaire that can complement that element. For example, if you have a stylish, modern sofa set, you can look for luminaires and lighting that have clean lines and a hassle-free building. The Light Company also suggests that you can bring suggestions from the surfaces of the room. For example, if all the handles on the cabinet door hardware are in brushed copper, you can choose fixtures that can complement these surfaces.

You may have heard it many times that layered lighting not only makes your room functional but also enhances its beauty. Accent, task and environment are three light layers that you should use and each room should have at least two of these layers. If you have work lights, try experimenting with accent and ambient lights and vice versa. Although you may not think so, but a simple addition of layers can completely change the look of your room.

The Light Company suggests that the home’s foyer should be well lit as it is the place that guests see first and it helps to create an impression for the whole home. If you have difficulty choosing lamps for your foyer, just add 2-3 ambient lights depending on the foyer and supplement with a pair of accent lights. If there is a vaulted ceiling in the foyer, you can choose hanging lanterns or chandeliers to create a fantastic entrance effect.

One of the most problematic areas in the house when it comes to lighting is the dining room. In addition to eating meals with friends and family, the dining room can also be used by the children for their craft projects or it can be used by the whole family for an entertaining game night. Ceiling lights together with several light sources, such as glass jars, can look attractive in the dining room.

Although there are many other tips that Light Company wants to share, stay tuned for new posts to know more about lighting your home.