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Green decoration inspirations

Green decoration inspirations

Tips decor Green decorations

The color green combines freshness, spring and joy of life. From these positive qualities, which conveys the color in its diversity, you can also benefit in your own four walls. The color green has a very versatile color palette, which ranges from a blue-shining needle green to a rich bottle green to a delicate pastel green. The pastel shades of green have a pleasant calming effect, while a fresh apple green has a rather invigorating effect. For this reason, the fresh, bright greens have the advantage that they are very well to use in the active spaces, such as in the kitchen or in an office. With the soft tones you can decorate the bedroom and create a relaxed atmosphere.

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You can give a room a very special atmosphere with a little green decoration material. To achieve this, a major renovation is not necessary. Already with the painting of only one wall in a room you can completely change the effect. In combination with other fresh colors such as an intense orange or a gaudy yellow, an active ambience can be created in a room. With green accessories such as pillows, a blanket or vase, a white room is very beneficial. Even pictures with shades of green refresh a space and provide a zest for life. It is particularly good to combine green with a dark wood and, through a break in style such as a green sofa and a dark antique cabinet, creates a fascinating liveliness. A tasteful green decoration not only ensures a nice home, but also improves the quality of life.