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Design outdoor terrace with natural stone

Design outdoor terrace with natural stone

Design outdoor terrace with natural stone

For most people, an outdoor terrace with a natural stone floor will look especially beautiful, as natural as it is stylish. For many, this is their favorite spot in summer, as the use of natural stone creates a living space that seems to be in harmony with nature.

Advantages of the outdoor terrace with natural stone

To meet the own taste seems a solvable task with the variety of the most different types of natural stones. For the allergy sufferers it might be advantageous that the individual style, which can result from natural stones, is also completely free from toxic emissions. You can also let your children play in the garden. A natural stone flooring most clearly evokes the memory of nature. Another positive aspect is the easy care of the beautiful stones: Neither special care nor impregnation is necessary. A damp cloth is sufficient for this flooring.

The frost resistance of patio tiles

However, when buying on the frost resistance of the bottom plates to pay attention. There are big differences in the various materials in this regard. A striking example of this is the slate, which is available for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to the frost resistance, slate tiles are more expensive for outdoor use. However, if you lay slate tiles that are intended for indoor use, then in winter there is a risk of cracks forming in the panels, which can easily cause more damage.

Attention, danger of slipping on the terrace

Anti-slip is another point that should be considered when buying natural stone: It is recommended to use only materials whose surface has been specially treated for this purpose. In the summer, you’ll avoid slipping on the plates in the rain and in winter, when it’s chilly, the surface is not nearly as smooth as an untreated plate.