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Wooden balcony railings

Wooden balcony railings

Wooden balcony railings

A slightly different balcony railing

You want to make your balcony railing slightly different than the many modern metal railings? Then a balcony railing made of wood is recommended. This can certainly give a rustic impression as in a country house. In contrast to the often very similar looking balconies with metal bars and in shades of gray you can decorate your house or apartment with a visually contrasting beautiful wooden balcony railing. Even at modern houses, a deliberately planned break in style looks very nice and brings an inviting contrast to your living atmosphere.

Natural effects with wood

Wooden balcony railings create a natural impression with rustic charm. In addition, the material can be used from native woody plants. This brings the flower splendor in beautiful colorful colors much better advantage. Such a balcony railing also upgrades modern buildings and can even conjure up a little bit of country house style.

Own creativity

You can give free rein to your creativity. There are many variants available. The spectrum ranges from rustic handrails with a nearly historic look to very modern balcony shapes to ornately curved balcony borders. If you are a craftsman yourself, you can lend a hand and design and decorate the balcony railing individually according to your taste and your ideas. Sometimes you even find filigree carvings on the balconies. On the other hand, you can of course also hire a carpenter with your wishes. But also simpler variants of wooden balcony railings have their appeal and provide variety in the various residential areas for the facade and house design.

Attention to safety and protection

During assembly and for subsequent use, the necessary safety precautions must be carefully selected and adhered to, regardless of whether you are acting on your own or with the help of balcony specialists. Stability and height protection play a special role here. After the exact measurement it goes to the procurement of the right, relatively weather-insensitive wood in the hardware store. If a railing already exists, it must first be removed professionally. After proper installation, the protection against weathering remains. For this you should paint the wood with suitable, if necessary recommended by the expert paint mixtures and provided with an impregnating agent. In order to preserve the weather protection as long as possible, a refreshment of the paint is required after some time.