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French chandelier ideas

French chandelier ideas

Lighting in a house is an important aspect of the interior and when it comes to decorative lighting, chandeliers are at the top of the list for everyone. One of the best aspects of chandeliers is that they offer so much in terms of creativity and also serve the purpose of lighting up your apartment. Among the various chandeliers, French chandeliers are unique with their art and creativity. French country decor is quite famous decoration style adopted by many houses in USA. Such a style always includes the French crown in things.

Here we see the places in a house where the French chandelier is best suited for:

The living room

This is the most common place where lighting is generally installed. In accordance with the code book for interior design, the center of the living room is a perfect location to display the magnificent part of the French crown. Not only when it comes to art but also through lighting, it lights up the whole house. The specialty of this style of chandelier is that it is never extravagant or modest, but just enough. A perfect analogy would be to compare it with the woman’s jewelry. Too much destroys it, too little is insufficient. The perfect French chandelier in the medium-sized living room would be the Ashland series or the Adele series of chandeliers. They are chandeliers in metal with elegant curves and easily lift up the living room. If the living room is large, you can choose the more glamorous French country crystal chandelier as the vintage K9 Rococo Palais.

The dining room

There is nothing more disappointing than dim lighting while eating. Good lighting allows you to see and enjoy the food. The chandelier’s great obligation is just a lighting construction that has several lamp sockets that make it possible to illuminate the room with just one piece in the middle. The French crown serves as a perfect supporting food to the food served in the dining room, so that you can fully enjoy the scene. A suggestion here would be to choose a modest chandelier, as it is the food that should have first priority, as shown, than the chandelier itself.

The kitchen

One of the places that can be easily overlooked when it comes to installing a chandelier is the kitchen. This is a workplace and it requires good lighting to ensure that high quality food is prepared. French chandeliers in the country not only guarantee good lighting but also provide a unique factor for the kitchen. In recent times, the kitchen has proven to be a favorite for interior designers to work, as it has always been an ignored part of the house and this is where interior designers can show off their creativity.

In summary, chandeliers are a great way to decorate or renovate a house and there are no limits to where and how a person can use it.