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Scandinavian furnishing style

Scandinavian furnishing style

Set up like in the High North

Scandinavian furnishing style lives above all on bright walls, checks, diamonds, the typical red of Sweden and the classic, white wooden furniture. The basic principle is limitation to the essential. It should be simple but comfortable.

Comfortable and cozy furnishing style with special features

Nothing is more important in Scandinavia than a practical way of thinking and this is reflected in the institution. Many ornaments are dispensed with; instead, the design of the furniture often reveals straight-lined structures that focus primarily on pragmatics. However, this does not mean that the Nordic Frohnaturen on a cold furnishing style worth laying because are usually used not sterile, but living materials such as wood, leather or wool but also porcelain and glass can appear in the decor of the Scandinavians. Delicate pastel shades surround the walls, cream or eggshell are nuances that are suitable. Patterns on textiles underline the ambience. Warm tones in red can also match the style.

Without textile no style

Textiles are simply part of the Scandinavian interior design style and are indispensable. This is mainly due to the long and icy, cold winters that make the north of the country and its inhabitants. Textiles have always had a practical use here because blankets and pillows were used to make the frosty nights nestled in warming textiles. Such textiles still have a high priority in the Scandinavian style of furnishing. Of course there are also curtains and carpets as well as sofas and many other accessories of the apartment. By striking patterns on the textiles in the apartment are absolutely no rarity. Straight stripes and diamonds or plaids prevail in the style of furnishing originating from Denmark and Sweden. Harmony is the common thread in the abstract play of textiles. In addition, many motifs from nature are used. A gray plaid to be draped over a couch can be complemented with pillows made of typical Scandinavian motifs.