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Blue Living room

Blue Living room

Living room in blue

Many colors have a calming effect, but only blue brings out this consistently. Blue invigorates and looks new and fresh. For a redesign of bedroom or living room you can get some useful information and tips here:

A blue bedroom to dream

The color blue is available in almost infinitely many shades of color. Baby blue or crystal blue, blue as the sky or the Caribbean, the imagination here are merely the limits of the color palette imposed. Above all, blue looks fresh, lively but also soothing. Blue unleashes dreams and ideas and lets the imagination sprout. So which color would be better suited for use in the sleeping area than blue? Blue is not only a color that can be combined differently, blue is above all timeless and does not necessarily follow a trend. Bright blue tones in the bedroom can additionally support this. This fits many bright furniture or textiles which additionally support the blue shade. Curtains and ceilings in light tones can also harmonize with the blue in the room. The blue shade should, however, be used sparingly. The overall atmosphere should not be too cold due to too much use of blue, even if this can be quite a positive effect on sleep. Instead, a combination with other colors is an advantage here. Natural tones as well as pink or silver go well with the blue in the bedroom.

A blue living room to relax and unwind

If you have already kept the bedroom in blue, you might also like to make some other rooms in this color. Not only in kitchens or bathrooms can the bedroom enjoy an excellent shade of blue, the living room can shine in the new light thanks to the right shade of blue. The right blue brings relaxation into the room. However, pay attention to an economical dosage of the blue color and the optimal harmony with other colors. These can be, for example, sand tones. Also tablecloths or cushions in turquoise blue underline the clear structure of the living room. The result is a maritime flair that inspires.