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Outdoor lighting ideas

Outdoor lighting ideas


The external luminaires have changed the standard of living. It is used a lot in all areas and has many benefits. These luminaires are used for buildings, signs, the street, parking areas and everywhere. These are used to provide security, safety and value. It gives a lot of satisfaction at night. It reduces atmospheric light pollution. Lighting fixtures are designed in such a way that the use is located. It depends on the use, where it will be used.

Effective research

It starts with the purpose of exterior lighting fixtures and the scope of it. Both have effectively affected it. It is used to improve the lifestyle and make it perfect for it. You do not even depict life from lighting fixtures. Hurricane lights, lamp wattages and types of lamps shall be reliable with the style and function of the luminaire as lighting fixtures in parking lots and high traffic areas shall use low or high pressure sodium or comparable lamp types with maximum lamp power of 250 watts per fixture up to 20 feet above class. There are outdoor lighting fixtures with light bulbs that do not exceed 25 watts. Attraction and decorative exterior lighting fixtures shall be partial and limited to lamps with a maximum power of 100 watts per fixture.

Capacity and measurements of external lighting height and power shall be made in accordance with the horizontal plane at degree level within the site. The brightness and intensity level shall be measured on the vertical plane of the lot or road, etc. The highest level of light violation at an asset and property line shall be 0.5 footlights at the property line. External lighting must not be designed or placed in such a way that it illuminates directly in adjacent residential units, except in the applicable zone area. The placement of the light poles in elevated areas reduces planting areas or landscaped islands are supported, but inconsistencies among parking trees that may obscure the lighting should be avoided through alternative lighting locations.

Purchase status

If you want to buy exterior lighting fixtures online, make sure that if you did not understand some of our posted pictures of fixtures or tell us if there are any questions in your mind regarding fixtures. If you want to send pictures of your area where you want to place it, we give you a good opinion about fixtures because outdoor lighting must not have such an intensity or color to cause distraction. You have to put the right thing in the right place.