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Antique brass chandelier

Antique brass chandelier

Chandeliers are beautiful light sources. They are large decorative lighting that are hung from the ceiling that can usually carry several light bulbs or candles (mostly in the Middle Ages, even now in some antique chandeliers. They are elegant and can create a wonderful atmosphere for special occasions and even in everyday life. All other lamps, chandeliers also come with shades.This type of chandeliers is also very easy to assemble at home.There are many types of chandelier lampshades that depict different moods and can create a completely different atmosphere.For example – there are chandeliers that are best for romance, robust chandeliers made of iron, crystal chandeliers that are simply drop-dead beautiful for all moods and large chandeliers for huge rooms. .


Wood and metals such as iron, brass were originally used to make chandeliers originally. Although chandeliers are not used as much as they were used about 2 centuries ago, among the chandeliers currently in use, antique brass chandeliers are quite popular. Antique brass chandeliers can give your home a rich look and a touch of elegance while keeping pace with your lighting needs. The best places to hang these chandeliers are in the living room or dining room like any other chandelier. Antique brass chandeliers can also make a good impression in the bedroom if you have a large enough room and the other furniture matches the brass material other than the chandelier.


Although it has its advantages, as you all know, brass is made of copper and zinc and can be blurred over time. The staining is due to the fact that copper and zinc in the chandelier’s brass undergo oxidation due to the moisture in the room, which causes the chandelier to lose its luster. However, it is not a major drawback as it can be removed if it has already happened and it can also be prevented permanently. If this has already happened, remove the chandelier from the ceiling and remove the light bulbs, then protect the sockets with plastic protection. Then use a cloth and warm soapy water to remove dirt from the surface. Then dip the cloth in vinegar and table salt to clean the chandelier. Then polish the chandelier with lemon oil until it lights up again. If you also need to prevent it from happening again, use UV-resistant clear lacquer or high-gloss urethane in the brass.