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install swag lamp

Swag lamps when it comes to flash simply means lamps that are hung from the ceiling. These include various lamps such as hanging lamps, chandeliers, recessed lamps, etc. It is mainly used to illuminate the fabric in the lampshade which has been electrified with one or more light bulbs and has been hung from the ceiling mostly by metal chains. The only downside to this is that it is difficult to pull them to the ceiling. Here in this article we have instructed step by step how to install ceiling lights in the ceiling –

Step 1 –

From your existing hanging lamp, cut the cord just like a few inches left.

Step 2 –

Using scissors, remove the plastic insulation from the cord. Now divide the two exposed wires simply by pulling them in opposite directions. This makes it possible to work freely with a single thread.

Step 3 –

Unpack your swag kit and empty all contents. In most cases, there is a lamp cable of 15 feet or more. Along with lamp cable, long chain, two anchorage hooks and wire covers are also available. For the management from the chains via a few links.

Step 4 –

Again with scissors, cut the plastic insulation from the cord at the last inches of the wire from the kit. Check the colors of the wire and the corresponding color of your hanging light wire. Match them as they should be and use a pair of needle pliers to wrap them around each other.

Step 5 –

Use the cable sleeves from the kit cover from the connected cables. Now use the chain so that all your work easily hides behind it.