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Capiz chandeliers

Capiz chandeliers

Capiz shells are commonly found in bodies of water in Indonesia and the Philippines. They are scientifically called oysters or placenta. It is a pearl-hard, transparent and flat shell and very ideal for making candlesticks, chandeliers and lampshades, among other things. The skull has a reputation for giving a captivating sheen when illuminated. This has made many people love the capiz chandelier as a striking and unique chandelier alternative for their home. Here is some information on capiz chandelier you should know.

They are a wonderful alternative

Chandeliers, made by Capiz, usually provide an immediate atmosphere that is beach-like, along with a beautiful light scattering that radiates naturally and can be perfectly blended with warm shades. If you also have a fan in the room or if the chandelier is blown in a place where the wind can touch it, it also gives a refreshing sound. The sound it makes when touched by the light breeze of the wind can calm the mind when it is soothing. You get a movement that is rhythmic and gentle along with a nice twinkling sea shell sound.

Things to watch out for

When buying a capiz chandelier, it is important to check that you have sold the original capiz shell. This is because there are genuine shells and shells that are not genuine were sold in the market. There are also fake capiz chandeliers where one part is made of real shells, while the other parts are made of plastic. If you only follow the ones that are genuine, you can easily be fooled into buying the wrong capiz chandelier. The price can be an indicator of whether you buy a good or a bad one. However, it is not a perfect indicator. You should concentrate more on checking the quality and authenticity of the article.


There are various capiz chandelier designs available in the market. You should go for patterns that are made to your liking, with the ability to turn your house into a place that can make you relaxed and happy.