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Modern garden house

Modern garden house

If you are looking for a garden shed and it should be something very special, the garden shed made of a steel-glass construction offers.

This garden house offers a viewpoint that can be seen from every part of the garden. That’s the aesthetic of this garden shed. It is characterized by a very simple design. The house is reduced to two construction elements and consists of steel and glass. The senior architect got his ideas from Philip Johnson, who in turn was inspired by the master of modernism, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The house is all around glass and only the beams are made of steel. So you have a view into every corner of the garden and can also enjoy the garden from the inside in its splendor. For example, the large granite boulder is a detail that supports this garden house design. That’s why the glasshouse was built near it.

The inner unites two details

The garden house is divided into two areas. On the one hand a tea room and on the other hand a greenhouse. The greenhouse with a gravel floor occupies two thirds of the total area. The floor has the same height both outside and inside. This ensures a seamless transition and the owners can easily walk through the house. For the gardener projects is also provided in a modern way. Custom-made shelves are available for this purpose. Galvanized steel with teak boards not only guarantee plenty of space for gardening and bonsai breeding, but the glazed roof gives the plants plenty of sunlight. Plenty of storage space is hidden behind the doors made of cedar wood. This is located on the back wall of the fireplace. The plants are supplied with water, from the far-reaching stone sink, which is located in the center of the room and also has a wide work surface.

A cozy tea room

In the front part of the pavilion, there is the tea room, which has a bright polished concrete floor and the ceiling of the garden house is made of red cedar. Separate the two premises by a block of chimney and fireplace. The gas-fueled fireplace ensures that this gazebo can not cool down in the winter. Actually, the steel should be painted black, but glass sliding doors were used which were equipped with a bronze finish and the steel of the garden house was adapted to this finish. This subtle antique look of the bronze makes it appear that this garden house has always been there. Another advantage is that this design adapts to the forest environment.

The glass house is exposed to different weather changes have two different heating systems existed on the one hand is guaranteed that the plants can grow in peace and on the other hand you can enjoy the tea room in winter. The tea room is equipped with a fireplace and the greenhouse with a heating by Modine. But also for the cooling, which is very advantageous in summer, is provided by an exhaust fan. This leads the hot air out into the open. The location of the house favors the temperature, as deciduous trees protect the glass roof. Especially expressive is the glass roof, half planted with native grasses. This also has the advantage that the tea room heats less. The two glass sliding doors on both sides of the building also ensure a pleasant draft.

This construction has an overwhelming elegance and fits perfectly into any garden. Although it is not possible to build a house in this way, but with the pavilion, it has succeeded perfectly. The fact that this aesthetics of glass and steel is not only suitable for skyscrapers and residential buildings, is shown in this pavilion and this proves once again that this design is very universal.