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Beautiful dressing tables

Beautiful dressing tables

The most beautiful dressing tables

However, the dressing table is not just for the extravagant elite, because everyone is allowed to treat themselves in everyday life, the small luxury. Women often feel pretty naked without mascara, powder or lipstick. With a perfect make-up table, every woman can relax in peace and find all the beauty utensils such as nail polish, perfume and brush. In a special place the daily beauty ritual is enjoyed.

The dream in white

The position of the make-up table is optimal: To avoid unpleasant surprises, make-up is best done with natural light only. If make-up was applied under a neon tube, it can suddenly appear mask-like in bright daylight.

Potty and small pots are placed in two drawers. The mirror can be opened and closed, which is why it creates additional storage space. If you do not just like white and simple, you can freshen up the ambience with colorful cushions or fresh flowers. Even beautiful beauty utensils such as noble eyeshadow palettes or bottles are suitable for spicing up.

Everything is perfectly sorted

Drawers with inlaid boxes provide space for brushes and accessories. The advantage is that you have everything in view and that order prevails. The Make-Up-Orgaizers have different variants and so the treasures can be sorted according to your own needs.

Tip: Boxes for stationery are perfect for storing lipstick and mascara.

Accents are set

A gaudy upholstered chair is a real eye-catcher. It results with the light blue walls and the mirrored dressing table a romantic look. With the pink of the chair, fresh flowers can compete and thus pretty accents are set. What does the make-up for the pumps look like in the Leo look?

Tip: A movable, three-piece mirror is ideal for assessing hairstyles from the side.

Grande Damie

This make-up table is very imposing and this arrangement becomes so elegant through the collection of fine bottles, through the golden mirror frame and through the marble top. The table is also glamorous thanks to the legs made of Plexiglas and the silver-gray upholstered stools.

If possible, a make-up table with many drawers is best. This kohl pencil, brush and nail polish do not get in the way. If the space in front of a window already occupied, then you should put on bright daylight lamps. Even so, the face can be lit very well. Appliques are a good choice, especially in niches, because bottles will eventually need the footprint on the table.

This make-up table exudes vintage charm, as the store room is transformed into a Beatuy oasis. Make-up dresser and chair were painted turquoise and so heirlooms or flea market finds can still make a big appearance. In Plexiglas boxes the brushes were put and they are more stable thanks to the decorative sand. As an alternative, pretty cans or glasses can be used. A large mirror joins the furniture in the shabby look and this was just leaned against the wall.

A funny detail is that magnetic powder cans were mounted on a magnetic board.

A dressing table in the bathroom

Many people like to style themselves directly after showering and so the dressing table can also be placed in the bathroom. For roommates, however, the trouble is inevitable, because it could take longer.

The all-in-one solution is very successful, because the dressing table was integrated into the built-in wardrobe. Protection against moisture and optimal storage are guaranteed by many drawers. A small make-up mirror and the large mirrors make for a perfectly successful eyeliner. The bamboo bench adds a touch of rustic flair.

It is not much better than in this dream bathroom, because there is a comfortably upholstered chair, enough drawers, the view of the countryside and daylight. The partner could then tease again, if again spent some hours in the bathroom.

Mind the gap is a small side table, a small chest of drawers or a low shelf, which are converted into a make-up table. Whether in any room or in the bathroom. Niches can be used with it and depending on your mood, everyone can easily change the location for the beauty oasis.