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Of course, nice with rattan chairs

Of course, nice with rattan chairs

Rattan chairs look chic of course and are in the garden, on the terrace or in the apartment an eye-catcher. When using and maintaining rattan furniture, only a few basic things should be considered.

Exotic environmentally friendly nature

Rattan chairs have their origins in Asia or Africa, where lots of different rattan palms are cultivated in plantations. Rattan is therefore an environmentally friendly and natural material that can be recycled as well. Most of the rattan chairs sold here come from Indonesia.

Advantages of rattan chairs

Rattan not only looks beautiful on the terrace, the material also lasts a long time. Optimal care can last up to about 25 years. The chairs made of rattan are very suitable in rooms that are equipped with warm and bright natural colors. Due to the flexibility it is possible to form rattan easily and is therefore available in many variants. Because the pieces are made manually, all pieces of furniture are just as unique with a personal touch.

Maintaining and storing rattan chairs

Natural rattan chairs do not need much care. It is often sufficient to rub the Stuhloberfläche at regular intervals with a suitable cleaning agent. However, direct sunlight and moisture tolerate this piece of furniture only conditionally, so they should always be safely stowed after use. For example, this helps in a garden box, which protects the furniture from the sun and rain. These can be bought in hardware stores. But you can also assemble it yourself.

The furniture made of rattan should be painted regularly with a special paint, which reliably prevents the formation of mold. Another possibility for obtaining the rattan chairs, for example, the painting with a special liquid wax, which maintains the furniture at the same time, a protection against external influences and this gives a particularly beautiful shine. However, the wax should dry for a few days before the furniture can be used again.