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Tips on rattan furniture

Tips on rattan furniture

What is special about rattan furniture?

Even if the holiday is long gone, everyone can get a piece of it at home. This is achieved through the different rattan furniture, which gives each home a kind of holiday feeling. Rattan furniture has long been acceptable and can be found in more and more apartments. So you have not been living in the conservatory or the party room for a long time. In addition to the durability, the low weight of the rattan furniture is a big plus. Furthermore, rattan is a renewable raw material, which consists of the East Asian Rotangpalme.

The individual design with rattan furniture

Especially in the quiet zones of a home rattan furniture have proven very successful. They bring a Mediterranean flair, which has a calming effect on the users. For this reason, many different rattan furniture can be found not only in the bathroom, but also in more and more bedrooms. The furniture can either be used to set up entire rooms or set specific accents.

Easy-care rattan furniture

Especially because rattan is a natural product, it is also very easy to care for. In general, it is sufficient if the furniture is vacuumed regularly. But they can also be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. The light moisture ensures the elasticity of the material in the long term. However, it should be remembered that rattan furniture may not be permanently exposed to moisture. This means that if rattan furniture is used as garden furniture, they are to be protected accordingly, because only then can a mold or fungal attack be avoided.

Durability of rattan furniture

At first glance, the rattan looks very fragile. Nevertheless, the furniture is extremely hard-wearing, because the different fibers of the Rotangpalme have different properties, which give the furniture a special stability by interweaving. In this sense, rattan furniture is as robust as a wooden piece of furniture. Rattan chairs look as soft as a traditional wooden chair. Similarly, it looks with tables and cabinets or chests of rattan.