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The Standing Desk – worthy work for great scribes

The Standing Desk – worthy work for great scribes

With the appropriate instructions, a high desk can be built independently relatively quickly. It is a welcome alternative to traditional sitting while sitting. This creates a great health benefit. By writing while standing, back and shoulders are significantly relieved.

So a high desk can be built

Before the actual construction can begin, the preparation of a plan drawing must be made. This is necessary for the entire calculation and planning. It is especially important to consider your own height. That’s the only way you can ergonomically stand on the high desk and work, of course. Solid wood is best recommended for the construction. Now only the required material has to be brought in. Once this is done, you can start. Here is a brief description of how to build your own standing desk step by step.

First, start building the frame and cross braces. These are made of squared timbers. The individual parts must be glued and doweled for safe durability. When that’s done, the next step follows. Now the housing frame is manufactured for your console attachment. Here is an important fact to consider. The corresponding slope of the housing, which is located in the front part. These dimensions must necessarily be exactly right.

Now the frame has already been made by you. Now it is important that all the glue can dry completely. Next comes the wooden paneling of the console attachment. For this purpose, the wood panels, which are marked on the instructions cut. In addition, the connecting long sides should be processed at the present time. It is necessary to miter them. Subsequently, the lid can be cut and fastened. This is best done over the entire length with piano band. Still missing for the cover plate, the supports. These ensure the correct stability of the lectern and therefore must now be installed by you.

Last work steps on your new standing desk

Almost your finished standing desk is complete. Only small corrections and embellishments are still pending. So it is still necessary to grind the corners clean and to correct any unevenness. Now you can beautify your desk to your individual taste. So it is possible that you reach for the color or set individual color accents. Colorful, varnished or natural – you decide according to your ideas. Now you have a great piece of furniture as an eye-catcher and ingenious work. Of course, it is not necessary to be a true poet or thinker.