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LED outdoor lighting ideas

LED outdoor lighting ideas

LED is a form of lighting that is long-lasting and efficient. The fluorescent and incandescent lamps we use have filaments while LEDs consist of small lenses or capsules where the chips are placed on materials that conduct heat.

LED lamps are small in size about 3 – 8 mm long and can be used as a single unit or as part of a series. Its low profile and small size help to use LEDs in spaces that are too small for light bulbs of any other type. LEDs are very effective when applied and emit light in a certain direction than light bulbs or fluorescent lamps that scatter light in all directions.

Why choose LED outdoor lighting?

The light produced by LED per watt is more than that produced by light bulb and is very good for energy-saving and battery-powered devices. LED lamps do not require color filters that were needed in traditional lamps.

The lamps in LED outdoor lighting can not be easily damaged by external shocks because they have semiconductor components. They light up immediately and those used in communication systems have a faster response.

The benefits of LED lighting

LED lamps have a long life, which makes them a favorite among consumers because it helps them save on repairs. They are very useful in places that are inaccessible. They also have high efficiency compared to other lamps.

LEDs consume less power than some other light bulbs, so people who use LEDs save energy. They do not heat up so they are very useful in homes with small children and pets. They are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which is good for the environment.

Light up your outdoors with LED outdoor wall lights

It is made of cast aluminum with a surface in anthracite gray. It has a PIR sensor, adjustable head and glass diffusers that are very clear. The head can be adjusted to 320 ° while you can adjust the PIR sensor to 15 °. The PIR sensor can be used to detect up to 12 meters range and 150 °. When activated, it can operate for between 10 seconds and 8 minutes.

So, if you are interested in LED outdoor lighting, choose the ones that will help you reduce your energy consumption.