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Garage floor – which floor covering for the garage

Garage floor – which floor covering for the garage

Typical as a flooring for a garage is raw concrete. It is a very convenient and cheap solution. Appropriate for the reason, because it often comes on the floor of a garage but sometimes to dirty dirt or oil. Of course, there are also alternatives to raw concrete. To make the floor of a garage nice and attractive, you only need a little manual skill and some time. It is important that you decide for the installation of a sturdy and frost-resistant material. Because usually a garage is not heated, so that it can come at longer open doors or leaky gates quite on the floor to frost damage.

Seal the garage floor with floor paint or concrete paint

You want to seal the garage floor, then you should resort to concrete color, also colloquially called ground color. Before painting the floor, you should clean it thoroughly with a special cleaner. Following products We recommend for painting the garage floor:

Paving stones and tiles

Ideally, you can rely on unbreakable tiles, which are especially suitable for the hardships of a garage floor. Here, however, you must ensure a firm foundation, so that the tiles also hold. Alternatively one can decide also for paving stones. So you may also get a nice transition to the also occupied with cobblestones courtyard or the driveway.

In addition to laying tiles and paving stones, one can also opt for a colored protective coating. Corresponding colors, which can be applied directly to the concrete floor, are available on the market. The advantage is that soiling on this garage floor is usually easy to remove with the high-pressure cleaner. Because in under the protective paint penetrate, for example, no oil residue. Further design possibilities of a garage floor result from the new developments of linoleum or PVC floor tiles. This type of flooring had its heyday in the 1970s, but has been replaced more recently by wood floors in the living area. Today, linoleum floors are much more robust and also withstand stresses like driving over a car.