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Outdoor lighting fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures


Installing lighting fixtures is a very important and exhausting task when building a house due to lots of options for how we can place them and another interesting amount of designs and styles of fixtures to choose from. Outdoor lighting can be even more difficult to place when you have a lot of space around your house, it becomes an integral part of the design of your landscape. It is important that all space inside and outside your house is well lit whether you are hosting a party or at other times. At night, a well-lit house will surely look beautiful and will even catch the attention of people who just pass by.

On the lawn

There are many types of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures that can be used to light outdoors such as lamp posts, pendants, LED lights, chair lamps, etc. Light poles can be used to light each side of the driveway directly to the garage so that our appearance is organized. It can also be placed on both sides of the walkway, but do not use lights for both driveway and walkway. Pedestrian lighting can be replaced with LEDs. If you want brighter light over the landscape, you need to install floor lamps as they can cover large amounts of areas compared to other lamps. It is also preferable to install dim green LED lights whenever possible in the lawn, as it will have a good effect at night. The pool (if any) can also be a lot with lamp posts or you can use underwater lighting. Pools can also be lit with ceiling lighting if that is what you prefer. It is also a good idea to light around trees with LED lights, you do not want to miss any small details or leave any corner in the dark. If you have a composite wall, LEDs with medium brightness also help with better lighting.

On the sculptures

In most of the major landscapes, it is common to have sculptures for design purposes or even fountains which are a huge visual attraction and there are many different ways to install outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate these objects. Installing lamps in the sculptures can be creative, depending on the design of the sculpture, if it is by a man holding something, we can make him hold a lamp or hang one hanging in the object he is holding or even light his eyes with LEDs. At fountains, it can be around it, inside it or in the middle of the top of the space fountain.