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Set up a souterrain apartment flat

Set up a souterrain apartment flat

Not everyone’s wallet is big enough to afford the dream home just like that. Housing – especially in the cities – is not only becoming increasingly scarce, but above all more expensive. That’s why every available square meter is turned into living space if possible and used as such. Since it can happen sometimes that the budget only for the rent of a basement or a basement apartment ranges. These are usually not perfect – low ceilings and relatively little daylight are not necessarily feel-good criteria for home. Nevertheless, properly and smartly furnished, the basement apartment can muster enough charm to make you happy at home instead of just suffering the misery. The interior designer Katharina Semling from Oldenburg puts it this way: “With some effort it is possible to make a piece of jewelery out of such an apartment.” As these rooms were designed and built as a warehouse and mostly as a kitchen, they are of course superfluous Comfort like large windows or cozy and warm floors in favor of their practicality miss. Yet to create cosiness requires a clever design and furnishings of these former economic areas.

Tips to set up a basement apartment

If the sunlight is already tight anyway – as in a basement apartment – it is of course more than counterproductive to exclude this even more, for example, by planting bushes in front of the window or thick curtains hanging in front of the window. To exploit all light is the highest maxim in the design of a basement apartment. Lightweight scarves and pleats are an option, and perhaps the yield of ‘Brutto Sunlight’ can be enhanced by some cleverly placed mirrors that reflect the incident light.

Dense drapes are a no-go in the basement apartment

Rooms, which are not spoiled by the sunlight, even to paint dark, the project by the design for more light to provide, of course, not useful. Dark colors swallow the light instead of reflecting it into the room. Interior designer Janin Pröpper from Hanover therefore recommends using only light colors and enhancing them here and there with some bright color accents. However, pastel colors in a basement apartment can not really develop their properties and look due to the lack of sunlight rather dirty than harmonious.

A yellow tint is always taken when it comes to not keeping the walls in boring white, but still to provide a lot of reflected light. However, you should make sure during mixing that the yellow contains a good portion of orange. Otherwise, the yellow looks cold and the desired effect, to provide warmth and light in the rather dark basement apartment, reverses the opposite. Incidentally, the window and door frames should then be painted white. This looks like a radiant wreath and harmonizes with the warm yellow tone.