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Decorate outdoor fixtures

Decorate outdoor fixtures

Lighting which is an important aspect is given proper importance inside the house but when it comes to outdoor lighting, it is not so much that people pay attention. But the outdoor lighting adds charm to your house and shows the home’s appeal. It gives a warm welcome to the host and the guests. There are some tips that should be considered when buying outdoor lighting. Proportion is the important factor to consider when lighting outdoors. Choosing the pair of lamps is a good option and you must choose the lamps a quarter of the height of the door. If the fixture is very small, it can ruin the appearance of the entrance.

Lanterns light

If you want bigger fixtures, do not worry. You can go to the lanterns a third of the height of the door and not be afraid of the large luminaires as they will look half the size from 50 meters away. The luminaire color should be chosen so that it complements the outside of the house. The combination of earth tones and bronze is the best and they have become very popular not only in outdoor luminaires but also in interiors. If you love brass, you can choose it but take care of the material and make sure it is weather resistant.

Types of outdoor lighting

If the exterior is white, the simple white fixture can best complement the interior. If your shutters are black, the black lantern will look best and coordinate with it. Frosted glass is a good choice in outdoor lighting and there is little maintenance lighting. The problem of glare does not face in the frosted glass. A small chandelier is also a good choice for outdoor lighting. For some people, the luminaires are sufficient as outdoor lighting, but for some the chandelier works best.

The gas lanterns, which are easy to use with an electric start and cheaper, are also used in outdoor luminaires. Many people prefer to have light strings and they are often used on occasion. The outdoor task lighting is also used, but it is crucial. If you plan to sit on the porch, these lights are not suitable. The work lights are suitable if you plan to sit outside and read in the summer.