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Maintain wooden entrance doors properly

Maintain wooden entrance doors properly

The material wood is ideal for house doors and beautiful. But a front door is often used and claimed. In addition, weather influences also attack a front door. Therefore, it is important to maintain a wooden front door from time to time.

In front doors, of course, the outside of the door is particularly stressed. For this reason, prime the front door with a weatherproof primer from the outside. The purpose of this primer is to make pests such as fungi and other microorganisms that attack the door. Mostly primer is applied during the first assembly. Every 5 – 10 years you should then prime them again. Special knowledge about suitable care products has door manufacturers or even carpenters in your area. Seek advice from such experts in the search for the right care product, because wood is not just wood. There are many different types of wood with many different nuances and special features.

After the winter you should clean a door thoroughly. You should also check your door for any damage. If damage should occur, you can unhook the door, sand it down and then repair it with wood putty. Care products for front doors should also bear the seal “RAL wood preservative”. Only then can you re-attach the old glaze or paint to the door.

The inside of the wooden front doors need not be as often and intensively maintained as the outside. The care can be taken over as part of a weekly room maintenance. A damp wipe should usually be enough. Then you should dry the door again. If your living space has already been contaminated with woodworm, you should also use pest repellent wood preservatives. Most of these odors are neutral and protect the valuable door from pests such as the woodworm.