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Front door canopy

Front door canopy

Especially the entrance area of ​​a house is crucial for the first impression. The choice of the right canopy should not be underestimated. The front door canopy not only protects the visitor and homecoming from the wind and rain, but also represents an eye-catcher that shapes the face of the house.

Versatile variants for the canopy in the entrance area

The front door canopy is the crowning touch of the entrance area of ​​a home. In addition to the functional aspect of the protection, it plays a major role in the appearance of the house. In the design, the builders are virtually no limits. He can give free rein to his creativity. So you can see a wide range of different canopies from thick and rustic to the filigree roof of clear glass.

The right choice for the material – optics vs.. resistance

The shapes are also very variable. So there are straight, curved or arched front door canopies. Which variant you should choose for your house, of course, depends on the overall character of the house and the front door. The canopy should fit the overall concept of the house, otherwise it can visually unbalance the whole facade of the house and leave a negative impression.

The main motive in the choice of material should be the practical aspect: The front door canopy should last as long as possible and protect reliably against wind and rain. A much-seen variant is the steel-covered glass canopy in various forms. Also wood or roof tiles are gladly used. However, it should be noted that these are more intensive care. Recently, powder-coated aluminum has come into fashion. This material is not only lightweight but also inexpensive. Whether a gutter makes sense depends on the size and shape of the canopy. While with a large canopy a gutter is obligatory can be dispensed with smaller variants or curved forms on a gutter, as they have no drainage problems even in heavy rain.