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Install a folding door

Install a folding door

By installing a folding door, you can save a lot of space. Even before, this type of door was very popular. Only the installation was relatively complicated. Today, installation is also very easy and the new folding door is installed quickly.

Install a folding door without problems

Previously, a bottom rail had to be installed on folding doors. That made the setup complicated and difficult. Today, on the other hand, you can do without a bottom rail and the doors only need a ceiling rail. As a result, such a folding door is installed much faster and easier. In addition, today’s models look really good in contrast to the then doors. Closed these doors often do not look much different than normal doors. The advantage of folding doors is that they are not opened into the room and do not block the space behind. This creates additional space for furniture, for example.

Save time by accurately measuring

Before you even start to assemble the door you should measure the door accurately to avoid problems later on. Both the height and the width must be measured accurately. Each model has an individual assembly instructions included. In this they learn in which height and at which distance the clips are to be mounted.

After this step, you must measure the slide rail and cut this slide rail to the appropriate degree. For this you should take a small saw to hand. The package includes angle gliders and wristbands. These are now attached to the top edge of the folding door. In order to set the door open, it is also worthwhile to install a stopper in the door. To do this, they only have to install a hole in the folding door and insert the corresponding stopper into the slide rail. Now you can install the folding door. You do this by hooking the slide with the door hanging on the angle gliders into the clips on the door frame.