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Soundproof doors – Let the noise outside the door

Soundproof doors – Let the noise outside the door

At the present time, people are increasingly exposed to noise pollution. Noise is one of the most unpleasant annoyances in everyday life. It is therefore necessary in many areas to reliably shield noise. If you want to design your apartment to a quiet retreat, you should think about installing a soundproof door.

Soundproof doors prevent the penetration of noise

Soundproof doors are only one component of a comprehensive noise protection. To ensure that noise and noise do not have a chance to penetrate your own four walls, the windows and walls must also be soundproofed. In contrast, the best structural insulation is useless if noises can penetrate through the door into the apartment. For this reason, house, apartment and room doors have been developed for sound insulation. The installation of a soundproof door in the children, youth or bedroom usually pays for itself quickly. In addition, the purchase of a soundproof door, pet owners who hold noisy pets, such as parrots, think. A noise barrier is still of great importance for apartments and houses in the immediate vicinity of an airport, as scientists have repeatedly proven in recent years that noise can not only cause sleep disorders but can also cause illness.

How do soundproof doors shield noise and noise?

Soundproof doors are manufactured in various designs and offered for sale. Who wants to buy a soundproof door, has the choice between two-shell or single-shell models. Double-shell doors isolate the noise better than single-shell models. Soundproof doors are usually made of wood fiber or chipboard and equipped with an additional insulating layer, which may consist of mineral wool, for example. To ensure that the sound performance of the door can be properly identified, most manufacturers voluntarily label their products. Soundproof doors must meet the minimum requirements, which are valid in the standard DIN 4109 in all federal states. The installation of the soundproof door should be entrusted to a specialist, because even the best model is useless if improper mounting can cause noise to penetrate through cracks between the door and the floor or between the door leaf and the frame. Soundproof doors must therefore be fitted explicitly into the existing wall opening for this reason. Since the buyers of a soundproof door can relax better after the installation in their home and enjoy the peace, the investment in the purchase and in the professional installation pays off. Even if not all sounds can be completely shielded, the noticeable noise is significantly reduced. Due to the large number of different models, soundproof doors can be used to realize all building projects and ideas in the present time.