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Choosing cute desk lamps

Choosing cute desk lamps

A desk lamp is mainly used to illuminate the work you do on the desk, which is mostly read. This is the primary function of the lamp. There are many types of lamp designs available today, and most are spoiled for choice. With this variety come the cute desk lamps that most appeal to the younger generation. Although the sweet brand of the table lamp may entice you to buy one, it is important that you consider other important features that will help you take advantage of not only the sweetness but also the functionality.


This may come as a surprise but the design of the desk lamp will dictate how much light you get on your desk. This will thus show the height of the desk lamp as well as whether the desk lamp is of an adjustable type or not. In order for you to make a decision about this, consider your needs or reasons why you should go for a cute desk lamp. If the purpose is to read, then choose one that is adjustable so that you get the right height to illuminate your work area.

Light source

Not all cute desk lamps are the same. In fact, they come in various forms that can contain lifeless creatures such as cats, rabbits, cartoon characters and more. Most of these use different light sources to make them work as the manufacturers intended. You will find light bulbs, halogen, fluorescent lamps, full spectrum, solar, battery and LED light sources with the desk lamps. Each of these has unique advantages and disadvantages and will probably also cost different amounts. Remember the purpose for which you want to buy the desk lamp and the budget you have set aside for this. Reading is a sensitive task, as it requires lighting that is not only good for reading but also for your vision. Therefore, choose wisely.

Additional features

Apart from the two important factors to consider above, you can also check if the table lamp has any additional features that in the long run can save money or help you perform other tasks. This includes whether the desk lamp is rechargeable, whether the light source can be replaced, whether it is dimmable (even if the dimmer is not good for reading), whether the lamp has a magnifying glass and whether the table lamp can be attached to the desk or anything nearby.